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We are all volunteers. Our desire is employing tax deductible cash and in kind donations in obtaining music, film, arts & culinary talents every year at the festival. All tax deductible and in kind donations are confidential from the public. Certainly, if sponsors request public recognition, we will organize a gala event. Nonprofit fundraising ethics laws always protect the privacy of sources of donations. Our annual f990 report is a public document available upon request, however individual sources of donations are never seen on nonprofit public f990 annual reports.

The public will see how the IQCF cash and in kind donations are employed in our annual report. Transparency is a huge element of all nonprofit corporations. This business model will help the Quint Cities region attract talents who might never come here otherwise. Every year the music climbing the Billboard charts want fees that are between $30,000 and $250,000. You can pledge $1. You can pledge $100. You can deduct all contributions from taxes.

Our business model employs all our donations in securing talent and general operation expenses. Our volunteers will organize concerts at our venues, ensure our talents earn a living, see all our local business earn revenue from festival traffic and build our region.

In Kind Donations

We are a music festival and thus the in kind tax deductible donations we want first is all music, art, film, culinary. Why pitch music gear, vinyl records, art, films when you can obtain a nice tax deduction from the IQCF? Feeding our music talent and marginalized, vulnerable populations each year with in kind tax deductible culinary donations is good community relations. Our local restaurants obtain a tax deduction, philanthropy recognition and our artists and marginalized populations are less starving. Lots of bands lack transportation. Tax deductible car donations might make financial sense https://www.cardonationwizard.com. Contact us and we will help you with car donations.

Birdies for Charity

birdies for charityThe International Quint Cities Festival is becoming an essential arts, culture & heritage institution in our local, regional, national and international community.  Our volunteers are optimistic and help preserve and enrich the mosaic of our region.

The IQCF Board of Trustees and volunteers are happy with the public support in helping build our mission.  We ask you to continue your support through our biggest fundraiser of the year, Birdies for Charity.
Each year the John Deere Classic shares its profits by delivering a bonus check between 5% and 10% of the total raised for the charity. 100% of every pledge collected for IQCF goes directly to us.  You can obtain a pledge card with your information and donation amount. This year pledges must be a one-time flat donation. You will be able to guess the number of birdies recorded during the John Deere Classic for your chance to win a car or other prizes.

We look forward to growing our mission throughout the community and beyond with new ideas and encouragement. We are not just a festival, but a source of education and enjoyment for generations of families and friends. Thank you for believing in us and encouraging the development of the International Quint Cities Festival.

You can donate to Birdies for Charity online at https://birdiesforcharity.com/donate?charity=2328  The IQCF Birdies for Charity Birdie # is 2328.  Thank you.

Grant Funds, Corporate Support, Legacy Gifts, Stock Gifts

We all thank you.

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All donations are on the secure servers at PayPal.

Questions? Contact the IQCF at support@internationalqcf.org.